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Jireh May

Licensee Salesperson

From helping individuals achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer to spending over a decade performing on stage and entertaining, people have been the focal point of Jireh’s entire career. So when we say he’s a people person, we really do mean it.

Honest, supportive, and always genuine, Jireh’s number one goal for his clients is to connect them with homes where they can thrive. But his love and appreciation for real estate isn’t a new thing.

As a child, Jireh’s grandparents instilled in him a genuine love for property. Whenever a new home was built or a beautiful house went on the market, Jireh was there with his family pouring over every detail. This passion is a huge part of Jireh’s sparkle. And it’s the sole reason his clients (and our team) love working with him. 

A complete natural at making connections in any community, Jireh uses his deep knowledge of the real estate industry to seamlessly guide his client from one home to the next. He breaks down complex information when necessary. He adapts to situations with ease and grace. And he goes to great lengths to be there for his clients, so they feel confident in their decisions.

In short, Jireh gives everyone he works with his absolute best. And his friendliness and generosity only sweeten the deal.

So if you’re on the hunt for a down-to-earth guy who also delivers results, give Jireh a call.